WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? We are indebted to Dr. Padgett, not only for granting us his time for this interview, but for taking his science to the layman. He recognized that in order to improve the genetic health of dogs, the primary action must be taken by breeders, not at the veterinary hospital. In order to build upon the foundation laid in the last two years, we need to not only continue doing what has worked so far, but learn lessons and improve. Several areas have already been identified to do this. The data tracking system is being revised with respect to which diseases are being tracked and keeping notes on the diagnosis, increasing the degree of certainty in the numbers. The internet database project will simplify reporting and research of the data for breeding match evaluation. Educational information on the genetic diseases that afflict White Shepherds will be organized to allow the next generation of breeders to learn in a more efficient manner, and prevent efforts from being repeated for each newcomer. This project cannot be allowed to become entangled in politics. It must be more like the Red Cross, free of all sources of pride and contention. This is to keep our dogs from dieing painful deaths. This is to reduce the number of times families must unnecessarily endure the pain of a diseased pet. It must truly become club independent by the participation of all breeders. All of the work involved in this project comes from the hearts of a valuable few who are dedicated to improving the health, not of their own dogs, but for all those in the years to come. We thank them and we invite the rest to join the team.
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