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ACE Hemophilia A (Contact Cheryl  for information) Cheryl Lyons – Case History
JAZMOND'S CRYSTAL HOVIND May 25 - 1993 to November 3 - 2001 Infection and lost pups  Necropsy report
KOMET Pemphigus Foliaceus Chris White – Case History
U-GRCH UACH BISS AWSA WSCC FORB RBCSWO CH CRYSTAL’S LADY IN RED “KYRA” O-V, PDX, WETT, FDCH, NA, CPEL1, HIC (S/D/C), HT, PT, HCT, JHD, ASCA/RB CD, CN/AM CGC, TDI, TT, RO2MCL, DSA, OFA (H&E), CARDIAC, THYROID, vWF 65%, CERF/02, U.K.C. DNA-P GSDCA Health Merit Excellent Case history  Lumbosacral Stenosis, LS, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, IBD Necropsy report Pam Hovind  - Heather MacLeod - Debbie Martin - Joanne Chanyi  - Lynda Proulx  - Susan Ewart - Jen Proud - Kate Huston - Dick Ackerman - John Huston - Linda and Larry Prisant - John Cannarsa - Martha Andrews &   Doug Stroud - Maurice & Shannon Seeger - Judy & Dick Huston.
DAY'S IQ AWSA/WSCC CH, AM/CAN CD, FMX, TT, HC, CGC, TDI  May 25, 1993 - March 17, 1999 Hemangiosarcoma Q’s story by Maurice and Shannon Seeger
A Donation was made in memory of Shatz by Missy Lee, a good friend of Shatz’ owner, Nancy Harkness. A Donation was also made in memory of Shatz by Robin Davey because she knows what it is like to lose one of your best friends, and because it is her passion to do what she can for this breed she loves so much. "Shatz" DOB:  09/13/97 DOD:  06/15/10 Loved by Nancy Harkness.   Missy Lee shared this information with us and gave us permission to use it.   “Shatz spent the first 3 years of her life chained as a guard dog.  No one showed her love or kindness.  Her owner beat her regularly to make her "mean" and more "aggressive.” When she was finally rescued, no one could touch her because of her severe aggression issues (she was a BITER).  Considering what she had been through, it was inevitable.  However Nancy with her huge heart, never gave up on her.  With her love and patience she worked on Shatz' issues and taught her that "Not all people are bad.”   She taught Shatz that there were wonderful things in life, like "car rides" "walks" "treats" "toys" "Dog park" and "beach"... you get the picture!   Nancy was determined to make up for the horrible first 3 years of her life by making the rest of her life the best any dog could have. Eventually Nancy got through to Shatz and she was able to bring a sweet, loving and playful true self out of this beautiful girl.  Shatz even became a therapy dog and made regular therapy visits to high-risk teenagers through a community outreach program Nancy organized! When Shatz was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, Nancy agreed to have Shatz's necropsy done for the WSGP.  I know it was not an easy decision but she decided to honor Shatz' memory by contributing to the betterment of our dogs.” Judy’s note:  Shatz is the first White Shepherd we know of to go through the DM research protocol at the University of Missouri.  The collaborative efforts of Dr. Joan Coates and Dr. Gary Johnson and associates have resulted in identification of a mutation that is a major risk factor for the development of DM in many breeds of dogs.  We are waiting to hear the definitive results for Shatz.  Her necropsy at MSU revealed the spinal issues of Intervertebral Disc Disease, Lumbosacral Stenosis, and Spondylosis.  The results for DM are still being investigated.
Donation made in memory of her "Charlie" by Michelle Liu "Charlie" DOB:  09/12/07 DOD:  08/01/10 Loved by Michelle Liu   Charlie was my first dog.  He was my soul mate and I can’t explain how much he meant to me.  I got him when he was 8 weeks old and lost him just a month-and-a-half shy of his 3rd birthday.  It was heart-breaking.  Charlie was the sweetest boy.  We would walk morning and afternoon— 8 miles each day.  People on the street all knew him because of his special beauty and because he was so well-behaved.  He was an angel at home— he had no bad habits—he knew everything we would say and he followed all the commands.  He earned his Canine Good Citizen when he was only eight months old. His sudden death was such a shock to me and broke my heart.  I’m still recovering.   I really like the idea and the effort the WSGP puts in to study and improve this breed.  It is very special to me and I fell in love with it at first sight.  I support all the research and effort your organization does to help better this breed.  I am not rich, but I want to give as much as I can.   I now have another White Shepherd puppy and I named him Charlie, too. 
Donation made in memory of Lilly by Maria L. Dobbs to honor the special relationship shared by Don and his girl, Lilly. “Lilly” Royal Mason Dixon Lilly White DOB:  04/02/97 DOD:  11/26/10 13 years 7 months of age   Loved by Donald Dobbs and family   Don said:  “She was so awesome and full of life until about age 7.  It was just me and her here for a couple of years and she was bonded very strongly to me.” Maria shares:  Lilly and Donald had a very special bond and she was 100% l oyal to him (the way shepherds are).  He picked her up from the airport when she was eight weeks old to join Don in “dog heaven” where he built his house on 55 acres of property.  They were inseparable.   People would come to visit and even bring their dogs to play, but she was glued to Don’s side. I joined this family in 1999 with my then four-month old Golden Retriever, Sally.  At first she annoyed Lilly, but then they became fast friends.  Lilly became Sally’s big sister.  In Lilly’s younger years, before health problems started at age 7, she was vibrant and restless to do whatever Don wanted to do.  All he had to do is move his arm and she was on her feet ready to go for a walk.  A few years later, our male, Dagan, arrived at the age of 8 weeks.  First came the annoyance and even a little jealousy, but soon she became a mother to him and eventually a playmate.   Lilly was already 7 and starting to have problems, but Dagan made her young again.  Two more years went by and another Golden joined us, Rocky.  Lilly never really cared for him, but Don continued to put Lilly first. Don is a breeder and trainer of Beagles and Lilly got to walk with them when he was out training and even got to go on the dove-hunts which she absolutely loved.  She would retrieve the bird! At 13 years and 6 months of age, we did our best to keep her comfortable.  She still had her walks and we would help her if she fell, put on a diaper when necessary, and do whatever we could for her.  We wouldn’t have it any other way. It was very difficult to say goodbye to someone who has always been such a loving and loyal companion to Donald—she was his best friend.
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