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      Send personal donation checks              or money orders to:      White Shepherd Genetics Project      Susan Ewart, Treasurer      75 Old Albany Road      Greenfield, MA 01301
                                             INDIVIDUAL RECIPIENTS OF WSGP FUNDS   The White Shepherd Genetics Project receives funds from: 1.      Individual donors 2.      Presentations we have sponsored with Cesar Millan, etc. 3.      Annual WSGP Fundraisers The focus of the work of the genetics project is research.  This latest database lists the recipients of WSGP funds whether for research projects of our own, grants we sponsored through AKC CHF, research sponsored that we have heard about that focuses on one of the diseases affecting our breed, or other research like the Rabies Challenge.  We have also donated funds to individual White Shepherd and white GSD owners when to do so would help both the owner and the WSGP identify a particular cancer or specific illness.  Since the spinal issues triggered the necropsy project and continue to be a mystery in many ways, we have donated funds at the owner’s request to help pay for expensive spinal surgery or expensive diagnostic procedures like the MRI.  The only requirement for using WSGP funds for individual’s dogs is that the diagnostic information can be used by the project in the Open Registry and for any other use that could help our dogs (reports, etc.). This research spreadsheet consists of all the organizations and individuals described above through 2012.  The following links will lead you to descriptive information for each of the listings. AKC Canine Health Foundation—Donors Advised Fund                                                  $10,000.00 http://www.iwclubofamerica.org/AKCCHF.htm Grant Sponsorship Report - White Shepherd Genetics Project, LLC.pdf     Clemson University                                                                                                                 Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)                                                                         $      197.90                  IVDD Informed Consent Form Megaesophagus Research   Our letter explaining our $1,500 donation                                                           $   1,700.00 http://www.dogclinic.net/Megaesophagus.htm   Diagnostics                                                                                                                           $   5,243.50  WSGP contributes to diagnostics    Genoscoper DLA Diversity Test—this is a “risk” test  http://www.genoscoper.com/en/tests-dog                                                                   $      747.50   Necropsy Project                                                                                                                    $   6,395.93 Necropsy Project initiated in 2002   PennHIP Project                                                                                                                     $   6,086.00 http://www.pennhip.org/index.html PennHIP Project in 2008   OFA DM                                                                                                                                   $      449.54 http://www.caninegeneticdiseases.net/DM/testDM.htm Status of OFA DM in our breed and blood draws for further research   GSDCA Charitable Foundation—Flash Test in 2006                                                       $     306.00 http://www.agsdcf.org/ Copy of donation letter for Dr. Clemmons DM Research.   Hemopet—Rabies Challenge                                                                                              $     500.00 http://www.rabieschallengefund.org   Texas A&M University—EPI Research                                                                              $     250.00 http://www.epi4dogs.com/research.htm http://www.epi4dogs.com   Leader Dogs for the Blind                                                                                                   $     100.00 http://www.leaderdog.org/support/index.php Dr. Padgett worked with them over the years so we donated in his honor.
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