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Checklist of common diseases:   Yes No Cancer           Mammary X           Hemangiosarcoma X           Other X* Digestive system           EPI X           IBD X           Perianal fistulas X Endocrine System           Addison's disease X           Hypothyroidism X   Heart and Vascular system diseases X Immune system diseases   X Skin diseases   X Liver/Pancreatic X* , ** Skeletal diseases           Elbow dysplasia X           Hip dysplasia X           Intervertebral disc disease X (mild)           Lumbosacral stenosis X           Panosteitis X           Spondylosis X Neurological conditions           GSD degenerative myelopathy X Ocular diseases           Cataracts X           Pannus X           Corneal dystrophy   X Non-genetic symptoms/side effects of other conditions           Arthritis (DJD) X           Bladder atony X           Megacolon X Other *Disseminated hematopoetic neoplasm invading spleen, liver, adrenal gland, lung and thyroid gland; also benign seminoma (testicular tumor) **Centrilobular hepatic necrosis, likely secondary to neoplasia ***Disc material is mildly degenerated, but there is no evidence of disc protrusion Interpretation of necropsy results:
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IABCA CH, UKC GRCH TUMBLEDOWNS SUPER SONIC OFA (H&E), PennHIP L-.28, R-.31, 80%, MDR1 N/N, vWF Normal UKC Top Ten 2001-3rd UKC Top Ten 2002-4th UKC Top Ten 2003-10th Sire:  Reeves Royal Angus Von Tasz Dam:  Phoenix of Tumbledown Owner:  Rhonda McMahan Breeder:  Leslie Krupnikoff March 16, 1996 – February 19, 2008, 11 years, 11 months
The most significant finding on the exam is that there is a cancer widespread throughout the spleen, liver, adrenal, lung, and thyroid.  The nature of the cells is suggestive of hematopoietic origin, most likely bone marrow, but there is no obvious primary tumor.  The cells are relegated to the vasculature (blood vessels) which makes it most likely that they are from the one marrow, but it is possible that they originated elsewhere, such as prostate, adrenal gland or epithelium The liver exhibits evidence of a chronic process, possibly age-related, and also an acute necrosis, or dying of cells.  The necrosis may have been associated with the cancer, especially if it caused an anemia in the body.  Unfortunately the cause of necrosis is not clear. There is marked muscle atrophy in the hind limbs.  There is occasional abnormality to the nerve sheaths in the lower spinal cord, most likely age-related.*   There is no evidence of a neuronal disorder.  There was an area of nodular exostosis (benign localized overgrowth of the bone) on the right radius, which is an incidental finding.  Other incidental findings include hyperplasia (overgrowth) of the adrenal gland and a seminoma (benign testicular tumor.) There is no evidence of primary disease of the digestive system, endocrine system, heart/lungs, skin, skeletal system, neurological system, or eyes. * Dr. Heidel considered this condition to be Intervertebral Disc Disease.  Our consultant, Dr. Mary Cardeccia interpreted the findings as degenerative discs related to old age.  Any time we have a difference of opinion, we’ll show it both ways.  Rhonda feels strongly that he should appear on the IVDD charts which is how we are reporting him.