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Other SUDDEN DEATH WAS SUGGESTIVE OF HEART FAILURE Interpretation of necropsy results:
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REGALWISE HY MYST OF MARIKE “MISTY”  Sire:  Tumbledown’s Recidivist Dam:  Regalwise Laroxy Owner:  Chris and Mike Maluzhinsky Breeder:  Ronda Beaupre February 21, 1999 – July 27, 2008 8 years, 5 months
Misty died suddenly while running across the backyard.  There were necropsy findings to support an acute heart failure, including hyaline material within the tunica intima and tunica media of the vessels in the heart.  This is an acellular proteinaceous material within the middle and innermost layers of the vessel walls (arteriosclerosis.)  It may indicate underlying heart disease, but would not likely produce any clinical signs that the owner would have been able to detect.  There was fluid built up in the lungs and liver that are consistent with acute presentation of heart failure as well.   There was a small foreign body free within the stomach, but was not of clinical importance in the demise of this patient; rather, and incidental finding as there was no compromise of the emptying of the stomach due to the presence of the foreign body.   The remaining findings are all related to the musculoskeletal system.  There was degeneration of the cartilage in both elbows consistent with mild/moderate elbow dysplasia, as well as moderate cartilage degeneration/erosion of the right femoral head with a small osteophyte (joint mouse) free in the joint space.  Misty was diagnosed with hip dysplasia premortem as well.  The lumbar vertebrae were almost all spondylosed, with the exception of the last lumbar joint (L6-L7.)  There were no secondary changes noted on the spinal cord from this condition.  There was also degeneration of the intervertebral discs in all of the same areas, and mild compression of the spinal cord at L5-L6, but again, no spinal cord lesions were evident.   There was no evidence of cancer, and no evidence of disease of the digestive system, endocrine system, skin, liver/pancreas, immune system, neurological system, or eyes.