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Checklist of common diseases:   Yes No Cancer           Mammary X           Hemangiosarcoma X           Other X Digestive system           EPI X           IBD X           Perianal fistulas X Endocrine System           Addison's disease X           Hypothyroidism X   Heart and Vascular system diseases X* Immune system diseases   X Skin diseases   X Liver/Pancreatic X* Skeletal diseases           Elbow dysplasia X           Hip dysplasia X           Intervertebral disc disease X*           Lumbosacral stenosis X**           Panosteitis X           Spondylosis X Neurological conditions           GSD degenerative myelopathy X Ocular diseases           Cataracts X           Pannus X           Corneal dystrophy   X Non-genetic symptoms/side effects of other conditions           Arthritis (DJD) X           Bladder atony X           Megacolon X Other * These conditions are likely incidental age-related and did not cause any clinical symptoms. ** Confirmed by Dr. Padget previously. Diamond Ice Von Tasz Interpretation of necropsy results:
DIAMOND ICE VON TASZ Sire: Hoofprint Ez White Op Den Dyck    Dam: Diamond Whittney Von Tasz Owner: Linda and Larry Rosick              Breeder: Lori O'Doherty April 18, 1994 – April 23, 2003                                          9 years
The main focus of this report was the spinal cord in regard to degenerative myelopathy or lumbosacral stenosis. It appears to have been somewhat limited of an examination other regards. There is no history provided, but some of the gross findings would support the fact that there was a neurological disease present causing deficit of the behind limbs and possibly bladder function. There was not enough evidence to support either degenerative myelopathy or lumbosacral stenosis as a diagnosis. There is no histopathological evidence of inflammatory bowel disease, so the gross findings of segmental gastroenteritis, typhlitis and colitis may be related to medications used  to treat the neuropathy, or may be completely incidental. Again without a history it is difficult to know. There were age-related changes in the heart, spleen and spinal cord. Nothing else of significance was noted.
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