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BETSUNS BLIZZARD BONTRAP Sire: Hoofprint Viking Trapper Dam:  Foxhill Lady Frosted Crystal Owner/Breeder:  Bette Gordon June 11, 1996 - January 23, 2006 9 years, 7 months
Other * Likely insult to heart earlier in life causing injury and secondary fibrosis ** No lesions were described in necropsy, but a lick granuloma was described in history Interpretation of necropsy results: The most notable finding on Blizzard’s necropsy exam is the presence of a thymoma (tumor of thymus gland.)  This did not appear to have spread anywhere, but was likely causing pressure in the chest and difficulty breathing.  There is over development (hypertrophy) of the smooth muscle in the lungs (bronchioles) that indicate that he was having breathing difficulty  for some time.  There is also congestion (fluid accumulation) in the lungs, liver and spleen, which may have occurred associated with euthanasia. However, there was also evidence of a previous trauma to the heart and secondary scarring (fibrosis) of the heart muscle, and may have been some remaining underlying compromise to the heart muscle from that injury, such as a minor heart attack or infarct, that was compensated for (not causing symptoms.)  It is plausible that a lesser amount of congestion could be attributed to decreased heart function without clinical symptoms.   There was a wedge-shaped area of atrophy of the kidney consistent with a prior infarct.  The bone marrow reveals increased cellularity , with a slight increase in the ration of white blood cells to red blood cells.  There were Perianal fistulae and a lick granuloma present on the skin.   There was no evidence of disease of the digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, liver/pancreas, neurological system, skeletal system, or eyes noted.