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                  IMPORTANT:  Information is submitted by using either the Health Problems Form  link or Health Certifications Form link listed below.  The information that you submit will be e-mailed to Jen Proud with a copy to Joanne Chanyi.  Please make a point to verify your own information and to notify Joanne at  with any corrections.  If any changes are required to the original submission, it will be cleared with the submitter before posting.   If you have any questions about the database itself, how to use the database, etc., contact Joanne at Information Submission and Databases All items below will open in a new window. When you are done viewing a particular section, close that window to come back here to the main directory.                    SUBMIT Submit diagnosed health problems: Health Problems Form  Submit certifications of health clearances: Health Certifications Form                               DATABASE 2000  to 2016 Master Clearance Chart 2000 to 2016 MDR1 Chart 2000 to 2016 Disorder Chart 2000 to 2016 Hip & Elbow Risk Charts  condition 2000 - 2016 Minor Disorders The above referenced links will open an Excel workbook.  This workbook contains ALL of the WSGP submissions – health/test clearances, diagnosed diseases, etc. - received throughout the years in one easy to access location.   If you do not have Excel, you can download a Microsoft Excel converter/viewer from the following link:
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