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DATA SUBMISSION POLICY STATEMENT The most important goal of the Genetics Project, is to reduce genetic disease. Whether the dog is called a Berger Blanc Suisse, the White German Shepherd Dog, or the White Shepherd, these dogs share the same genetic origin and share the gene for the colour white. They also share the same diseases. The Genetics Project believes that the best way to prevent disease, is to know where the diseases are in each dogs pedigree. This information can then be used to prevent the duplication of disease when planning a new breeding. Q. How can we know where the diseases are in a pedigree? A. By reporting the diseases each dog is affected with and making that information available to anyone planning a new litter of puppies. Q. How will this help? A. If two dogs carrying the genes for the same diseases are bred together, the opportunity of that disease occurring in the next generation increases. However, if two dogs can be bred together that do NOT have the same disease, the risk to the puppies of developing any of the diseases the parents carry, is greatly reduced or eliminated. Q. Why is it important to track and report everything? A. Genetics is a science in its infancy and can only mature by tracking all data and researching it. Just as we are not always sure which diseases are inherited, we are not always sure which diseases are not inherited. The only way we will know for sure, is to track the movement of each disease, down our pedigrees, to each new generation of dogs. Q. Can pet owners submit the health information of their dogs? A. YES! It is very important to collect the health data on every dog! It is an extremely progressive idea for breeders to post in an open, public database, the possible genetic diseases that could be carried by their beloved dogs. We give humble thanks to the breeders that have embraced this project for the good of their dogs and we also give humble thanks to the pet owners who love and care for these very special dogs. Without your courage, honesty and participation, this project would not exist. 1. Information on any dog, may only be submitted by, or with the permission of, the owner of the dog, or the owner of either the sire or dam of the dog. 2. All submissions will be reviewed for obvious errors and may be edited to ensure consistency with the rest of the database. If any changes are required to the original submission, it will be cleared with the submitter before posting. 3. Information submitted according to the above criteria becomes the permanent property of the White Shepherd Genetics Project.
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