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Sometimes the answers we need can only be revealed by special expensive tests while our dogs are still living--or by post mortems.  These owners and their beloved companions made the extremely difficult choice to allow a necropsy to be performed.  As a result, even in death they contributed to the future health and well-being of our beloved White Shepherds/white GSDs.  If your dog is a candidate especially as a result of rear-end or spinal problems, please contact Judi Wellins. The White Shepherd Genetics Project will help you make arrangements and will pay for the procedure.
KYRA - Loved by by Judy Huston Pedigree Kyra inspired and motivated my involvement with the health of our White Shepherds. When she became ill with Lumbosacral Stenosis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I had an even greater desire to do my part to improve the health of our fantastic breed. When she died almost three years after surgery, her beautiful spirit encouraged me to take her body to Michigan State University to learn all we could to help all our white dogs. Thank you my beautiful girl for all that you gave us and for all that you gave me. Love, Mom Necropsy    Full Report
JAZMOND - Loved by Pam Hovind Pedigree Jazmond was pregnant. Shortly before her due date she began experiencing problems. She was immediately taken to the vet. An ultrasound showed no live pups. An emergency ovariohysterectomy was performed, but Jaz died on the operating table. Dr. Padgett was called and arrangements were made to have a necropsy. She was 7-1/2 years old and is loved and missed by her mom, Pam. Necropsy    Full Report
ICE - Loved by Linda and Larry Rossick Sire Pedigree Linda called Judy when Ice began to have difficulty getting up and was becoming incontinent. The family consented to a necropsy at MSU and Ice was one of our first opportunities to look for Degenerative Myelopathy and Lumbosacral Stenosis. Dr. Padgett reviewed the report and determined Ice had LS and Intervertebral Disc Disease. She was nine years and three months old and dearly loved by her family. Necropsy    Full Report
RAJA - Loved by Tiffany Tittl Pedigree Raja had been showing signs of rear-end weakness and Tiffany had decided that when the time came, Raja would do her part for the betterment of the breed. It turns out that Raja died suddenly from acute rupture and hemorrhage associated with metastatic Hemangiosarcoma. During necropsy it was found that she also had “old dog” degenerative myelopathy and Intervertebral Disc Disease. Kudos to Tiffany—it was a very brave thing for her to take her girl to MSU. Raja was nine years and eleven months of age. Necropsy    Full Report
STORM - Loved by Gloria Erskine Pedigree When Storm began to get sick, his mom, Gloria, called Judy to let her know what was happening and to say they wanted do their part for the White Shepherds by allowing a necropsy. Storm also had a Hemangiosarcoma and Intervertebral Disc disease. Through the necropsy we were able to confirm a couple of conditions and learn about a few more. Storm was loved and is missed by his family. Storm was eleven years and eleven days old. Necropsy    Full Report
EMMA - Loved by Joe and Lucille Jasinski Pedigree Emma was as beautiful, smart, and sophisticated as her name sake, Mrs. Peel from the TV show "The Avengers". Emma was so easy to train, looking sleek and beautiful 24-7. I wanted a big male and decided on this petite female, and what a decision it turned out to be. She competed in AKC obedience, never disqualifying in any show, and always placing in the top four. In 1997 she was ranked #19 in the U.S. in Novice B and earned a HIT in OPEN B at a German Shepherd Specialty of Bk and Tans. She is sorely missed by all who knew her and were lucky enough to see her perform. Necropsy    Full Report
PAT - Loved by Terri Vest Though I have a number of dogs, Pat was very dear to my heart. He was my protector, assistant, loving and loyal companion. He was the son of my "Lady" - from the one litter we did. He had a gentle nature about him that I'll never forget and will cherish my time with him forever. After losing him Nov. 2005 to a spinal issue and a few other things as it turned out - his last sacrifice was to help the genetics list in their effort to track these awful illnesses. His feeble form is now strong again in the meadows and I know he'll be waiting for me at the bridge. You'll ALWAYS be in my heart! Love, Mom Necropsy    Full Report
FRIEDA - Loved by Pat Malinowski Frieda was always at my side. She never was anything but a perfect little girl. Her 3 litters were well taken care of and showed her temperament. McCoy was a big pup and she couldn't deliver him without a C-section. We had to end her life after a bowel obstruction. Necropsy    Full Report
KAYTE - Loved by Bette Gordon Sire Pedigree Dam Pedigree Kayte was the 1st born of the 1st litter. Her name, Akaytez, (Greek for 'faithful friend') was very apt. She was always very loving and willing to please. An excellent babysitter for subsequent litters, she would even stop daddy Trapper from going in to see his babies (just in case). Very agile, she could jump the baby gates from a stand. She loved to loll on the sofa and wave at you. Mesenteric torsion took her away. Necropsy showed she had some EPI and possibly IBD. Thank you for all the beautiful memories and miss you Kaytz! Love, Mom Necropsy    Full Report
CHANCELLOR - Loved by David and Linda May Pedigree   He came into our lives on November 19th, 1995. It was an instant connection. As we watched him grow, he enriched our lives beyond belief. He was the most loving talkative dog we’ve ever had. He loved playing tricks on our black female German shepherd. He was a lover, a leaner and our companion. In this picture, he is doing his “Joe Cool” stance. Even with his Degenerative Arthritis, IBD, and Degenerative Myelopathy, he always had a smile. We truly miss Our Lil’ Man, you will always be a part of us. Chance was 10 years old. Love, Mom & Dad Necropsy    Full Report
BLIZZARD - Loved by Bette Gordon. Sire Pedigree Dam Pedigree Blizzard was the only male in the litter and was very determined to stay with me. He was so friendly to people when they came to visit but would either hide or climb up on my lap when people came to get a pup. He was a friendly outgoing boy who was always so attuned to me. In his last couple of years he kept fighting to stay with me because I needed him . What a trooper!! I still love and miss him. Necropsy    Full Report
REKA - Loved by Mary Anne Prinkkila-Rogers Pedigree - (Sibling to Dreamer) From the minute I knew Reka existed she became my soul mate. She filled a hole in me that I didn't know I had and changed my life. She was a once in a lifetime dog that I would have given my right arm for. In May of 2005 she showed symptoms of rear foot drag that escalated into a dragging rear end that could barely walk. My vet (Dr. Kalinowski) diagnosed her with Degenerative Myelopathy. She was a dog with dignity and vigor and when she looked at me and had had e nough, I let her go to the Rainbow Bridge. Despite the pain of bringing her body on a three hour drive south to the U of MN, we (her breeder/my best friend, Judy Grumdahl & I) knew that she might offer some answers for German Shepherds. She will live in my heart forever . . . Necropsy    Full Report
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LILLY - Loved by Shelley Stone  Pedigree - (Sibling to Dreamer) Lily never competed in any venues other than for the love of her family members. Loved dearly by Shelley and Katie, she will always be remembered. Necropsy      Full Report
LUGER - Loved by Michelle Koons Pedigree Luger was that once in a lifetime companion that every dog lover dreams of.  He was always there for me during good times and bad, forever giving me the strength I so desperately needed when I didn't know where else to turn.  Luger fought some tough battles with his health, but every time he would beat the odds and come out on top.  Unfortunately the last battle couldn't be won even though my boy was brave and fought hard.  At 13 1/2 years old I lost my beautiful strong white gentle giant to Hemangiosarcoma on his liver and spleen.  Not a day goes by that my family and I don't think about him and feel the terrible pain in our hearts that tells us we will never be able to hold our special Lugerman again.  I pray that our contribution to The White Shepherd Genetics Project will help to breed healthier and stronger dogs in the future.  I love and miss you, Luger!  Until our paths cross again.... Necropsy     Full Report
TYGRE - Loved by Brad and Julie Hansen Tygre  Was  a White Factored Black and Tan Female.  She Was a Great old Girl and produced three White Champion Daughters. As well as Champion Grand kids. She will be a name sake in the Future of The Breed and we are glad to know she was a healthy  girl. She will always be missed. Necropsy     Full Report
DIVA - Loved by The Martin Gang What Diva Is To Me. "Everyday when I would come home from school, Diva would go CRAZY!!   I could hear her outside at the bus. When she saw me, she'd go WILD and BARK! I'd get in the house and sometimes Diva would tackle me and bite my butt! Diva would ALWAYS protect me, inside and outside of my house, until she knew for sure she could trust you. She always slept in my bedroom doorway every night. Sometimes I would trip on her on my way to the bathroom, but she always looked at me like she loved me." Réal Martin, 8.5 years old. Diva was as large as life and was explosion proof. Diva was an excellent dog with a profound sense of humor. She helped us raise our son and kept him in line by telling him off when needed and she would squeal on him when he was up to no good. Réal couldn't get away with anything. We should have called her the Nanny. We carry her in our hearts and we miss her terribly. Necropsy     Full Report     Checklist    Description
JAKE - Loved by Mike & Kitty Mohs Jake was the 1st born and the biggest male of our Cali's 6 pups. I loved his heavy bone and patient personality. He was a devoted guy who loved our 3 acres to chase our son's 4 wheeler & Yamaha sled. He was a quiet chaser. Pheasants & Killdeer birds drove him crazy only to tease that German shepherd drive. However, he always respected the underground elec. fence. In Obed. class as my demo dog he stayed wherever I'd put him on a sit, down or stand. Even after 1/2 an hour he'd still be there. Puppies could jump in his face. His excellent heeling was so impressive in earning his CD & Rally legs. He earned his WGSDCA & UKC Championships. At 10-1/2 yrs. he shook his head one day against his collar & developed an ear hemotoma. After fighting that, he passed away at home on Mar 1, 07 @ 10 yr. 11 1/2" mo. from Hemangiosarcoma. After having 7 white German shepherds and 2 litters, I really am convinced that they are one of the smartest of all breeds. Thank You Jake for reinforcing that awesome aspect. We will always Love you and miss you dearly. Thank You - Your Family Necropsy     Full Report
CAPRICE - Loved by Bette Gordon Sire Pedigree Dam Pedigree Caprice  was well named. She ran hot and cold i n her interaction with other people or dogs. When she got sick with the oral cancer she really s howed her true mettle. After the dramatic surgery that removed the front half of her upper muzzle, she not only quickly relearned how to eat again but also how to catch and pick up a ball and frisbee. The latter two she enjoyed so much. She fought  hard to get well  and her joy playing with said ball or frisbee never diminished . It was inspiring. I love and miss her as well. Necropsy     Full Report
QUEST - Loved by Gloria Erskine & R. Spencer  Pedigree Quest was our gorgeous and wonderful boy.  He really belonged to my daughter, Rachelle, although our whole family adored him.  When it was clear it was time for him to join his family at the Rainbow Bridge, both of us knew we wanted him to tell his story through a necropsy.  Just like we were with him at his birth, we were with him as he took his last breath.  We love you and miss you, sweet Quest.  Necropsy    Full Report
POLO - Loved by Diana Updike Pedigree Polo came to me at a turning point in my life, bringing me back to a happy and healthy sense of self.  Together, we became an invincible force.  He was truly one of the most magnificent and stunning White Shepherds of all time – noble, proud,  and confident, with such intelligence and instinctual wisdom, coupled with an eagerness to please and succeed.  I will always treasure our every moment together, so honored to have been blessed with him, whether it was showing in the breed ring or a performance event, walking through the woods, swimming in our lake, or just hanging out and enjoying life.  Although Polo is gone from this physical world, he is always with me – his paw print on my very soul - and I seek comfort in that and knowing his legacy is timeless.  Necropsy      Full Report
BUDDY - Loved by Debra and Jim Zafiratos A wise person told me that we have pets for two things: as companions and as teachers, Buddy was both. Buddy was a larger than normal shepherd averaging about 115 pounds with no fat on him. I believe his size and weight was the result of his very loving heart.  He was greatly loved by many and reciprocated his love.  He was our best friend and taught us how to give our hearts freely to him; the unconditional love went both ways. Buddy also taught us in the last couple years of his life how traditional veterinary medicine and integrative medicines worked well together.  He had health issues and the combined treatments and support helped to extend the good quality of his life.  He was always happy and had a smile on his face to prove it.  With the newly gained knowledge, we were also able to knowledge share some with other friends who had fur-babies. Buddy spared us from making the decision for him to go to the Rainbow Bridge and he passed away quietly before the lymphosarcoma took over. He was a trouper through the chemotherapy and integrative medicine treatments. Buddy’s last gift to us was a great week together as a family, happy and loving before he passed away.  His final gift to others was a necropsy in the hopes to help other White German Shepherds with health issues in the future; to this end, he was still a teacher. We will always remember and cherish the time we had together; he made our family complete; he was like the child we never had. Necropsy     Full Report
SUPER - Loved by Rhonda McMahan Pedigree Super was truly a one-in-a-million dog.  His love and devotion to his family was remarkable and his comical attitude never left a dull moment when he was around.  My fondest memories are of him bringing me gifts of all sorts - shoes, socks, toys or whatever he could get into his mouth.  Every day when I returned home from work, he would greet me with a gift.  You couldn’t help but smile and be in a better mood.  He was an easy dog to live with, got along great with other dogs and was completely trustworthy with children.  He LOVED to show in the conformation ring and was like a kid at a carnival when he arrived at the show site.  At home he was protective and diligently guarded our property when we were away, but when friends came to visit, he was friendly and loving.   He taught me what unconditional love really is and I will forever be indebted to him.   Necropsy      Full Report
MISTY – Loved by Chris and Mike Maluzhinsky "Thanks Judy for helping me understand what happened to my beloved Big Eared, Cross Eyed Bitch (that's what we called her when she did something off the wall).  It's been a tremendous help knowing she really didn't suffer and went as quickly as we thought she did.  I kept thinking that I missed something, some underlying problem that  I should have seen, now I know that wasn't the case.  I really appreciate knowing this." Necropsy      Full Report
DREAMER  - Loved by Judy Grumdahl Pedigree Dreamer truly was a "dream come true" in every sense of the word from being a pup from the first litter of my dreams to just a beloved member of this household.  She helped raise each and every consecutive litter of pups in this household to the day she died.  She was a benevolent leader of the pack.  From first breath to her last, she shared her soul with me and taught me so much about life. Dreamer,  was like her father Goliath--one of those special dogs who touched your soul. Her jet black eyes were like a mirror reflecting her soul and spirit. She opened her heart to many.  She left an imprint of her soul that will last a lifetime. Necropsy       Full Report
BENJAMIN - Loved by M. Wright & B. Sheets Sire's Pedigree Dam's Sire Benjamin was our "dufus." He irritated mom one minute and she loved him the next. Ben was only 3. He died too young. He suffered too much. He taught us about Diaphragmatic Hernia. Ben, you are not forgotten. Necropsy      Full Report
MAC - Loved by Pat and Don Malinowski McCoy (Mac-a-rou) was always in your face. His 108# made it hard not to know he was there. His great love was puppies. We would baby sit little ones so he could teach them to be as kind and gentle as he. He was sweet like his mom and beautiful like his dad. Mac did all that was expected of him. For the first time, we don't think that we can fill the void. I hope one more time that there is a pup out there to replace him. Thanks Big Boy, Love, Mom Necropsy      Full Report