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Sometimes the answers we need can only be revealed by special expensive tests while our dogs are still living--or by post mortems.  These owners and their beloved companions made the extremely difficult choice to allow a necropsy to be performed.  As a result, even in death they contributed to the future health and well-being of our beloved White Shepherds/white GSDs.  If your dog is a candidate especially as a result of rear-end or spinal problems, please contact Judi Wellins.  The White Shepherd Genetics Project will help you make arrangements and will pay for the procedure.
KELLY - Loved by Robin Davey & Ken Makowski Sire's Pedigree Kelly, Belly, French Fry, Polar Bear, Salty, Bingo for our Davey Dog, NAMES for Kelly. Everyone Loves Kelly and miss her deeply. She Lives in my Heart every Day! A Wonderful Life she lived. And will always live in our Hearts! Necropsy     Full Report     Checklist 
CANTIK - Loved by Esther Cohen and Avia Klein Dam's Pedigree In her short life, Cantik, was the essence of unconditional love and surrender. We will always remember the blessings and reminders she brought to our family. Necropsy      Full Report     Checklist
MAYA - Loved by Oliver Lambert Sire's Pedigree Dam's Pedigree She was dearly loved. Necropsy      Full Report
BEAR - Loved by Brian and Laurie McGeorge Sire's Pedigree                           Necropsy   Full Report
DYLAN - Loved by Susan and Jim Ewart Pedigree Outstanding Conformation. Confidence without Arrogance. A Tireless Work Ethic. Beauty in Motion. A Friend-- With the heart of a lion and a gentle soul, Dylan has raised the bar for all future generations of White Shepherds Necropsy      Full Report
DAYTONA - Loved by Shawn McGee & John Taylor Pedigree Daytona was bred, owned and loved by Shawn and John.  Shawn says, "He was happy and playful and loved everyone. Our "Big Boy" was always willing to please. He will be missed by us and all the people who knew him. Necropsy      Full Report
BEAR, BEAR - Loved by Julie Jones BEAR, My first German Shepherd and the best canine companionship I have ever shared. His "Bear Bear" name stuck with him since he reminded me of a bear cub when he was a pup. We connected better than most human relationships. Bear went with me everywhere except work. He was happy where we live, playing in the country, taking long walks and working on our friend's sheep farm. He protected me from all the wildlife on our property. He was chased by a doe with two fawns one time and sprayed by skunks twice. Bear was very sweet and caring towards me, children, and the lambs. Bear loved to please and was obedient most of the time, but had a naughty obsession for the garden hose. The best thing about Bear was his unconditional love. He was the first to greet me, the happiest to see me and a loyal protector and friend. He was a gift from God and came to me at a difficult time of my life and career. Bear's companionship healed some hurts and taught me about forgiveness and loyalty. I wish more humans could learn what I have learned from my dog. I miss the hugs but his gift of joy is still in my heart and that is something that death can not destroy. Bear Bear was a good boy. He knows I love him. Necropsy      Full Report
SADIE - Loved by the Groves & Smith Families Pedigree Sadie was beautiful, intelligent, loyal and fun-loving. Our boys loved to play “keep away soccer” with her ball. Seldom could anyone keep the ball away from her for more than two kicks. It was a rare occasion when anyone could fool her by faking a kick. When she was eleven, our youngest  son decided to teach her to carry her food dish to the house from the dog run in the afternoon. She’d already learned to tell us she was through “playing” chase by taking her ball to the backdoor to put it away inside the house. She adored going for walks and hikes in the mountains, especially when she could be off the leash. Whenever she roamed ahead of us, we’d see her waiting at the bend in the path that interrupted our view of her and her view of us. Then, off she’d go to wait at the next crook in the trail. The past few years, people have always been amazed to learn her age because she was so exuberant and would leap in the air and gallop around in sheer joy. When inside the house, she always jumped up and greeted every family member as they returned home with a big, doggy smile and wagging tail. After extending a proper welcome, she’d go plop back down on her bed. We miss our canine friend yet are grateful for the time we’ve had her in our family.             Necropsy     Full Report   Checklist
STAR  Necropsy     Full Report
SHAELY                Necropsy      Full Report     Checklist
SHATZ     - Loved by Nancy Necropsy   Full Report        Checklist
KERSTIN - Loved by Alicia Lips Necropsy      Full Report      Checklist
SEARA Necropsy      Full Report            Checklist
MAGNUM Necropsy      Full Report 
KANDE Necropsy      Full Report  
KENYA Necropsy      Full Report
ZEPPLIN Necropsy      Full Report
NIKITA             Necropsy     Full Report
CHANCE E.      Necropsy     Full Report
MAGGE MAE      - Loved by Susan McGrath Maggie Mae was no more than a handful of white fluff when we got her, but her personality was             already apparent. She won the hearts of everyone who met her, including our old grumpy Lab-Chow mix that had no desire to share his home with a puppy. She won him over with her charm and her wit, both of which served her well through the years. She was a Canine Good Citizen and a Therapy Dog, but more importantly the best friend of many. Our next door neighbors and their Golden fell in love with her; play dates soon turned into sleep-overs, and we’d have to call and make them send her home. Our neighbor also started taking Maggie to see her Dad, home-bound with health issues. He fell in love with her too.  He talks about how on several occasions she woke him up when he fell asleep with a lit cigarette in his hand. Maggie was a ball freak and we’re fairly certain she turned Raider- our White male - into one too. It wasn’t uncommon to end up with five tennis balls in your lap if you weren’t paying attention. She was fast as lightning in the Agility ring, but probably because she just wanted to get it over with. On the other hand she loved herding, and loved telling the sheep how much she was enjoying it…she would bark her way through the entire course. She was friendly, gentle, smart, afraid of nothing. The best dog either of us have ever had. There aren’t words to express how special Maggie was and how much joy she brought to our lives. We miss her terribly. She left us too soon.  Necropsy     Full Report       
FEARGHAS  - Loved by Beth Barkley HOOFPRINT FINTAN FEARGHAS, CH. (alt)  January 30, 2000 – April 3, 2012 My millennium dog, Fearghas, the Lad, passed his Cadaver Dog certification at the age of 14 months.  Five months later he was working to recover human remains as part of the Response Team at the Pentagon after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  The 9-11 SAR Dog Study followed the health of dogs working at The Pentagon, NYC, and Shanksville, PA.  One facet of that study was a yearly MRI provided by, the then, IAMS Imaging Centers and the University of Pennsylvania.  In the 3rd year Fearghas was found to have a lump on the side of his skull which was removed and determined to be an unknown cancer.  The subsequent help from Dr. Julie Smith and Dr. Kim Schiller was so important to his survival. That cancer returned about 2.5 years ago and was the proximate cause of his death.  He had an excellent career as a SAR Dog with multiple finds in cadaver work.  In 2004 he received a Citizens Award from the Fairfax County Police Department (Virginia).  He was called to work cases for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  He was also a gentle giant, very compliant, but when his ‘on button’ was pushed he produced all the drive and focus you could want.  What a gift to have a working dog like him, he went from a quiet, compliant dog to fiercely driven working dog with only a command and the appearance of his search reward toys. Thank you Joanne and Lynda for a wonderful dog, the best Lad.  He had the loudest bark you can imagine, it would vibrate his training subjects while he waited for me to arrive with his reward.  He liked entertaining kids during ‘How to Meet a Dog’ presentations.  He made dog friends easily with his excellent calming signals.  All SAR Dog partners are important, but this one was the                     most special to me.  Necropsy     Full  Report  
GYPSY             Necropsy     Full Report  
NIGEL  -  Loved by Annmarie Mikelski September 16, 2007 -  December 8, 2012 I adopted Nigel and his brother Nicky from a rescue organization in Oklahoma.  The breeder no longer wanted his pregnant mom and dad and put them in a shelter to be euthanized.  Luckily they were rescued. Nigel was the love of my life. He was the sweetest little boy ever and my snuggie bunny. He was always by my side and we were very close.  He was only 5 years old.  This is my favorite picture of him when he won the "El Rey Fido" contest in 2009. El Rey Nigel (King Nigel) will always be in my heart. Love you and miss you my sweet, sweet boy. Love, Mom Necropsy      Full Report                                  
PRAETORIAN - Loved by Erica L. Canaday    Praetorian was purchased in an attempt to expand the white gene pool.  While his structure wasn't the best, I've never met a more intelligent dog in my life.  He was always eager to please and happily excelled in anything I asked him to do.  He was my first performance dog and my heart dog.  Praetor began showing signs of IBD at only 1 1/2 years old.  By the time he was 2 1/2, I'd tried everything possible to save him but nothing was having any effect.  He was suffering horribly and all I could do to repay his love and loyalty was to end his pain. Necropsy   Page 2   Page 3  
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POLARS Vanna/Hemi pup            Necropsy      Full Report      Checklist
TEEZ  -  Loved by Maurice and Shannon Necropsy      Full Report    Checklist